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Pushing Boundaries, Helping People

A colleague of mine once told me that if I wasn’t pushing the boundaries, I wouldn’t be me. I took this as a compliment. I’ve always been driven to help others become the absolute best version of themselves possible. I believe in the potential of others, even if they can’t see it in themselves.

Hi, I’m William Rawe, and I push people to reach their fullest potential.

When I was in the Marines I wanted to fight for others, so that they would have the freedom to become their best selves. Following my discharge, I did a lot of wandering from job to job, trying to find my own sense of purpose. I began working for Border Books and Music as an office coordinator and found my stride when I was promoted to a regional trainer. In the training role, I was able to help people enter a job they knew little about and help them to become highly successful.

I began to write training manuals, procedures, and refine processes. I realized that training and development was a strength of mine. My desire to help others succeed was one of the strongest driving forces in my life. I went to Seminary and earned a master’s degree in theological studies, and even worked in a couple of different churches. But I began to realize I wanted to serve more than just members of a single church.

In the span of six years, I earned another bachelor’s degree and an MBA. I went back to work in the business world and served as a trainer and performance director. I began speaking with a professor of psychology about my work, and he told me that I was doing the work of an organizational psychologist. At the time I had no idea what that meant. In time I realized that while I enjoyed the work but realized I needed to take it to the next level so that I could help as many people as possible.

During this time, I was also blessed with an amazing son. As a single parent, I’ve discovered many challenges that were unknown to me before. It’s been a joyous adventure.

I’m currently working on my dissertation for my Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology, concentrating on constructive development in leadership. Over the course of years, I have become an expert in leadership development and adult learning. I started the William C. Rawe Consulting Group to help develop leaders and coach executives toward more effective leadership. I spend my time these days working with leaders and helping organizations optimize their talent.

If you want to chat about effective leadership, talent, HR, or the challenges of being a single parent, I would love to get in touch!

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