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Core Values

People Working in Open Office

When organizations develop their core values, these values often end up looking more like aspirational goals. They are the values that the organization hopes to live up to. However, core values should reflect the values that are actually seen in operation day in and day out at every level of the organization. A goal of integrity is to be applauded, but how does that organization demonstrate integrity every day? The specific demonstration of integrity is the actual core value of that organization. 

People First

In any organization, people are the most valuable component of the operation. As an organization that is based upon the principles of industrial-organizational psychology, our entire focus is on the people, from the newest hire to the most senior executive. We also acknowledge the people are complex individuals with many sides to their personalities. We will always put people first in everything we do.


We recognize that truth can be seen through a variety of lenses, including scientific, spiritual, emotional, practical, etc. Truth for us is primarily that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality, as viewed through reliable, validated scientific research. We are committed scientist-practitioners and will always let the data guide our practice.


Authenticity is about presence, living in the moment with conviction and confidence and staying true to your values. We are committed to holding true to who we are as an organization, even when this may conflict with the desires of our clients. When possible, we will work out these differences in a way that benefits all parties.



We will always be honest and open in our business dealings. We hold fast to the principle of always telling the truth, or at least never telling a lie in our business practices and personal lives.



We believe that responsibility is the pathway to finding meaning in life. To that end, we will take full responsibility for every engagement, to fulfill our responsibilities, and take ownership of our mistakes.

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