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Leaders Must Adapt

Leaders have to learn to step away from old ideas that may be out of date and relate to people in new ways. This week I begin my second semester of teaching a Strategic Management class at Grand Canyon University. I've been working diligently on my presentations. But this year I'll be changing things up. Gone are the days when a two-hour lecture can hold a student's attention. At most, I'll teach for 20 - 30 minutes before engaging the students in an activity. I'll step away from the highly technical content and make it more relevant to their current lives. I'll be using tools like Menti, Kahoot, and Miro to make it more engaging. And most of all, I'll spend more time building relationships in the classroom so that students are more receptive to the guidance I am trying to give them. We have to adapt. We have to improvise. Letting go of the past to make room for a better future is the right path to take. #leadership #students #teaching #learning #university #management #adultdevelopment #adultlearning


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