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High-Performing Teams

As the world grows more complex, the demands put upon teams grow more challenging.

High-performing teams are more important than ever.

To build and maintain a high-performing team, you need five elements:

You start with a supportive environment-the organization must support its people.

You then need a compelling direction - the team needs to know where they're going, and the whole team needs to be going the same way.

Diversity of competencies and ideas - a team needs people with different strengths to compensate for each other's blind spots.

Effective practices include norms, habits, processes, traditions, ways of communicating, and standards.

Together these four elements create the fifth:

Psychological safety - team members must get along, collaborate, respect, and trust each other to be vulnerable, engage in constructive conflict, and hold each other accountable.

This creates a high-performing team that is autonomous, adaptable, disciplined, productive, agile, continually developing, and delivering results.

This kind of team is then able to influence its environment.


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