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Learn. Lead. Transform.

Learn. Lead. Transform.

These are three words that I often use as a hashtag in my social media posts, and you’ll also see them as our motto on this webpage. But what does it all mean? Why have we chosen these three words specifically? In this post I will go into some detail about each of these three words.


There’s a myth and a misconception that some people are natural born leaders. The scientific literature does not share this conclusion. While there are people who from a very early age are exposed to strong leadership role-models, and consequently learn leadership behaviors very early in life, they are not born with inherent leadership abilities. Just like anybody else they learn leadership. What this means is that anybody can learn to be a leader. And if you’re already a leader you can learn to be a better leader.

Learning then is the foundation of what we do. As a leadership expert I provide leadership development programs at all levels. Whether you were an executive who is well-seasoned in your role, a frontline manager, or someone who aspires to leadership, we have programs and processes to help you meet your goals. I believe anyone can be a great leader with the right mentoring over time.

One special note I’d like to make here is that learning to lead is not a one and done a fair. If you’re a leader you never stop learning, you never stop getting better. You never stop developing your craft. That is a hallmark great leadership—a leader will always hunger and thirst to learn and become better every day.


Once you’ve acquired the principles, knowledge, and skills to lead, it’s time to practice your craft. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean you have to have a title or a position in some organization. Every one of us has opportunities to lead throughout our daily life, regardless of our titles, our position, or our family situation. You can lead in business, you can lead in your family, you can lead in social situations, you can lead in your daily interactions with strangers. Never let the lack of an official title stop you from being a great leader. The world is desperate for what you have to offer!

As you lead, you’ll find challenges or difficulties that you didn’t expect. These are great opportunities to continue your leadership learning. A great asset to the leadership journey is a leadership coach. A coach can help you navigate these difficulties and challenges, help you refine your leadership skill, and can help you overcome the things that might be preventing you from achieving your goals.


As you learn to lead you will find the journey to be a transformational one. Not only will you experience self-transformation, but your journey will facilitate positive transformation in the lives of other people. This is because leadership is about serving others. The more you serve others, and the more responsibility you take on, the more purpose and meaning you find in your life, and the more you want to help others around you do the same. People are watching you, and they will want to share in your transformation. When you’re a leader, everybody watches.

This is how you transform the world. This is how you change the world. You start by making yourself a better person, a better leader, and that begins to rub off on others. They see the transformation and the change in you, and they begin to want to change themselves. Others begin to see your life as an example and want to emulate your leadership. This self-transformation results is a sphere of influence that continues to grow and grow and grow.

Learn. Lead. Transform. In a world that is desperate for good leadership, you can become a great leader! I believe in you, and I would love to join you on your journey. If I can help in anyway, please reach out to me!

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