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Bulat Shcherbakov

[Anime Movie] Kimi No Na Wa. Your Name. (BLURAY)

to watch kimi no na wa online, simply type in your name or kimi no na wa into the search bar and search for it. if it isnt available, check back later. the film is currently not available to watch on most countries, but you can buy kimi no na wa online, as well as mai mai miracle, the garden of words, and voices of a distant star on dvd.

[Anime Movie] Kimi no na wa. Your Name. (BLURAY)


if youre interested in watching kimi no na wa online, theres a few ways to do it. firstly, you can search for the film on youtube. type in kimi no na wa into the search bar and look for the film which is hosted under the account youtube movies. please note that film availability depends on your location and it may not be available on youtube in all countries.

what started as a series of random dreams, now feels like an invisible time machine, which is exactly what it is. this simple explanation hardly does justice to the story, which is a complex meditation on our desire to connect with others, the impossibility of such a connection, and the role of imagination in creating a sense of self, from the perspective of two twenty-something high schoolers. the movie is told through a series of interlocking vignettes. one after the other, the lives of two young lovers become caught up in interlaced circumstances that seem to create a time loop. because the time loop is only apparent to the viewer, and not to its participants, the movie has a dream-like quality, one where the characters can become detached from the actions of their own life and float freely through time, like the characters in a dream. but in a dream, one can wake up at any moment, and even if one stays asleep, one still thinks that it is only a dream. only in a story can one remain asleep and still feel immersed in the story. the characters in this story are equally in or out of touch with reality, and the drama builds to a riveting climax. the film is directed by the acclaimed makoto shinkai, who also directed the masterful fantasy-fairytale, the tale of the princess kaguya. and together with the cinematography of masaaki yuasa, kimi no na wa. is one of the most striking anime films of all time.


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