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Maturity in the Workplace - Part 1

Ever wonder why some people seem to lack maturity in the workplace?

In adult development, according to Dr. Robert Kegan, the lowest level (and thus most immature) is the Socialized Mind.

In this stage, people are influenced by family, society, or culture and ideology.

They have a sense of self that is overtly externally oriented and rely on the input of others above anything else.

People in this stage tend to be faithful followers and team players who align easily with their objectives.

They filter everything they hear, think, and speak through the filter of the group to which they belong.

In essence, they let the group or ideology set their values, expectations, and ethical stances.

However, they still lack an independent sense of self because so much of what they think, believe, and feel is dependent on how they think others experience them.

This phase is not conducive to leadership, and generally, these individuals care far more about being included in the group rather than leading.

About 65% of the population is in this phase.

To develop to a higher level of development you might one or more of the following:

-Learn how to be alone.

-Clearly define your likes, dislikes, and values.

-Draw boundaries and say “no”.

-Stop the busyness and tune into your inner self.

-Redefine what success, happiness, and fulfillment mean to YOU.

-Learn more about your personality.

-Take responsibility for yourself only (not other people).

-Explore your passions.

What would you add?

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