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Leaders are Made Not Born

Leaders are made, not born.

True, some people see leadership modeled for them at an early age, so it seems like they are natural leaders as they get older, but they had to learn leadership from another person.

Good leaders are lifetime learners.

Great leaders are humble leaders.

Humble leaders know when they need help.

Humble leaders invest in executive coaches.

Executive coaches help leaders grow.

Leaders with coaches often grow from good leaders to great leaders.

But not all coaches are the same.

You have to do your due diligence to find the coach that is right for you.

You might ask, what is it about myself or my leadership that I want to change or improve?

What could I change about myself that would most positively impact the people for whom I care most?

That’s a good start.

Then find a coach that can help you make that improvement.

Have you ever considered hiring a leadership coach?

Would you ever consider doing so?


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