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How's Your Mindset?

What’s your mindset?

Research has demonstrated that mindsets are foundational to how we process and operate as individuals.

It’s how we make sense of the world.

A mindset is a mental lens.

It selectively organizes and encodes information.

It guides us towards actions and responses.

The thing is, not everyone has the same mindset.

Or the same ability to process complex situations.

Yet, we train people as if they are all the same.

Some people have a positive mindset, others a negative one.

Positive people take on challenges and are less prone to allowing setbacks to deter them from achieving their goals.

Negative people tend to be less productive and are more easily deterred.

But we can help people shift to a more positive mindset.

One method is called constructive confrontation.

It includes:

· Taking personal responsibility for success and failure.

· Asking, “What did I contribute to this failure, and how can I take steps to prevent it in the future?”

· Looking and personal fears and assumptions.

· Testing assumptions to see if they are true.

· In essence, it’s all about becoming more self-aware.

· And stop blaming others for setbacks.

What do you think?

What would you add to the list?


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