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Employee Turnover is Expensive

I once worked with an organization that lost 50% or more of its workforce every year.

For one department, turnover costs were $12,000 per employee.

I was able to come in and reduce their turnover to 3% annually.

Losing employees is expensive.

Turnover costs can range from 25% - 200% of the employee salary.

Turnover costs can include customer service disruption and loss of morale among other employees, burnout of other employees, and the costs of hiring someone new.

Employers are currently struggling with a lack of talent and an anticipated "talent tsunami," where a large number of employees are expected to quit their jobs.

So what can you do?

It might be time for you to consider an outside perspective.

Someone who is an expert in maximizing the potential and performance of teams and individuals.

Someone who hasn't weathered the storm of trying to hold things together in your organization over the last year and a half.

A fresh viewpoint.

If so, our expertise, combined with our partnership with The Predictive Index, might be the solution for you.

Would it make sense for us to talk?

If so, let's schedule a call:


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