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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement.

I was once tasked with increasing employee engagement and reducing turnover.

We were successful, reducing turnover from 50% to 3% in 18 months.

At its core, employee engagement is about the relationship between an employee and the organization they work for.

It involves the fit in four key areas: job, manager, team, and culture.

Engaged employees are also less likely to quit. With the cost of turnover weighing between 50-200% of an employee’s salary—depending on their position in the company—retaining employees is cost-effective for businesses.

Ultimately, if you want your business strategy to succeed, you need engaged employees to execute.

To increase engagement, focus on 4 key strategies:

1) Identify and address problem areas.

2) Hire well.

3) Provide learning and development opportunities.

4) Keep the lines of communication open.

Employee engagement isn’t just about creating a great place to work; it’s a smart business strategy.

Organizations that align their people strategy with their business strategy will see outsized business results.

Here's an article on the best employee engagement software available to you:

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