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Why Not Include Everyone?

I worked at a company that launched a leadership development program for employees with "high potential."

How did they determine that some were high potential and others were not?

From past performance.

But they limited the program to operations personnel, and excluded those in corporate support positions.

Were there no high potential employees who supported operations?

And who's to say that every employee isn't a potential high performer if given the right guidance?

I've often wondered why leadership development isn't available to everybody from day one.

Leaders in organizations can't predict the future.

They can't know from one day to the next when a new leader will be required for a strategic need.

That's why I'm an advocate of a leadership development program that involves all employees from the first day they walk through the door.

This also ensures that all employees have the same opportunity for development and helps you develop a diverse leadership team.

Why not give it a try?

If you need help, let me know.


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