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What LinkedIn Taught Me About Relationships

I was doing some research on how the LinkedIn algorithm works in 2021.

I found this:

At the top of your feed, you’ll see posts by people you engage with often and posts by anyone you follow or are connected with who posts consistently (ideally at least weekly).

I also discovered that the amount of time a person spends on your post matters, and comments are more important than reactions.

Also, posts with only three hashtags are more likely to rank higher than those with 4 or more.

And I couldn't help but notice how closely this mirrors real relationships.

The best relationships we have are with those people we spend time with most often.

The longer we spend with people the stronger those relationships become, and real conversations matter.

And keeping our conversations clear means we are better understood.

This is true whether the relationships are personal or business-related.

So let's focus on the relationships that matter, and keep them real.

Let's engage with each other on a significant level.

And learn to appreciate our differences.

It will make our relationships stronger, and our lives more healthy.

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