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5 Qualities of Effective Leaders

Effective organizations need effective leaders.

Many organizations recruit leaders from the outside.

But the best organizations understand that remaining competitive requires developing leadership capacity as a core business function.

Yet, despite organizations spending billions of dollars on leadership development every year, few can come to a shared understanding of what leadership and leadership development are or how to measure them.

Typically, the process might start with a skills assessment.

Which leads to the question, what leadership skills are needed today?

May I propose the following?

1) Model the way - clarify values and set the example by reflecting on action, acquiring your own voice, and personifying and affirming shared values.

2) Inspire a unified vision - Perceive the future by way of envisioning potential possibilities, identifying a common objective, and recruiting individuals by using shared ideals.

3) Challenge the process - look for opportunities and be risk-inclined through creating small wins, utilizing outsight, taking advantage of initiatives, and learning from your own experience.

4) Enable others to act - foster the strengthening and collaboration of others by generating a trust climate, improving self-determination, facilitating relationships, and creating confidence and competencies in your people.

5) Encourage the heart - acknowledge contributions and honor victories and individual value by expecting a high standard of work, personalizing employee recognition, developing a culture of community, and being personally involved.

What would you add?


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