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Cool Cat Saves The Kids ((BETTER))

  • One of the many spectacular failures of Cool Cat Saves the Kids is that it doesn't even manage to get a clear message across: One scene has one of Cool Cat's friends nearly get hit by a car, which of course leads to a lecture about how you should always look both ways when crossing the street. Then, in the very next scene, Butch the Bully appears on the other side of the street with candy that he just stole from babies, and Cool Cat runs after him across the street without looking both ways.

  • One of the film's main messages is to tell an adult about bullying or if you find a gun. That's all very well, except Adults Are Useless is in play throughout the entire film. Erik Estrada and Vivica A. Fox do absolutely nothing to prevent Butch from bullying Cool Cat at Vivica's house. Derek Savage himself endangers the kids unnecessarily by making them walk home on their own while there's someone on the loose who's threatening people with a gun. And Butch's parents are told that their son has a gun and yet do nothing to stop him bringing it to school.

  • Despite the film having an anti-bullying message, Butch never gets any comeuppance for being a bully. The only punishments he gets are the two arrests, which are for stealing candy and for possessing a gun. That and Cool Cat yelling at him, if that even counts as a punishment.

Cool Cat Saves the Kids

  • Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus Cool Cat manages to give some kids some surprisingly good advice about social distancing and wearing masks. The problem is, they stick to these rules for about ten seconds before abandoning them completely. Cool Cat doesn't wear a mask for the entire film, one of the girls takes her mask off to perform a rap song, and they all come in for a group hug at the end. That, and Cool Cat supposedly ended the pandemic by punching COVID so hard that it exploded, so should we still worry about it or not?

  • The film contains the rather shoehorned message "Respect other people's opinions and beliefs about coronavirus". Ignoring whether or not this message is even appropriate, it's completely undermined because the only character in the film who thinks COVID is a hoax is an asshole who goes around deliberately infecting people For the Evulz (despite him apparently not believing in COVID in the first place).

As the two prepare Cool Cat for President signs, they get anonymous calls. Instead of promoting kids to stay away from anonymous calls, Cool Cat tells Maria to pick up any and all calls. The horrible advice makes the scene even more unsettling.

However, after finding a gun in some bushes, Butch decides to bring it to school and use it to hold all the other kids at gunpoint so he can steal their lunch money. Butch brings it to school, but the police come and arrest him for attempting to rob everyone.

Cool Cat"I'm Cool Cat, and I love all kids!"UniverseCool Cat Saves the KidsDebutCool Cat Saves the Kids (2015)NationalityAmericanPlayed ByJason JohnsonCool Cat is the main protagonist of the infamously bad anti-bullying kids movie, Cool Cat Saves the Kids. Cool Cat, as shown in the film, is a noticeably tall, bipedal feline-like person. It is mentioned that he is in middle school, and his closest friend is a girl named Maria. Throughout the film, he gives negative advice- such as opening anonymous texts from strangers- and even once ignores his own advice of looking both ways before crossing the street. Not once does he give a single shred of positive advice, and often takes things to a near childish level of maturity.

Butch the Bully is the main antagonist of Cool Cat Saves the Kids, although he is overshadowed by Dirty Dog in later installments. At the start of the movie, Butch is just a mean kid who likes insulting and prank calling people. However, Butch eventually turns to a life of crime, vandalizing his neighbor's wall, before kicking sand in Cool Cat's face, stealing candy from babies, and, at the climax, bringing a gun to school. Fortunately for everyone, Cool Cat saves the day and Butch is arrested. 041b061a72


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