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Confession (2022)

Upon concluding the items related to a possible new confession, the committee welcomed the Rev. Emily Chudy of Donegal Presbytery, co-moderator of the GA Special Committee to Study the Reformed Perspective of Christian Education in the 21st Century. Chudy gave a history of the special committee and a comprehensive overview of the report, which raises concerns about Christian education in the PC(USA) and proposes a series of recommendations for the church to move forward, as outlined in TWE-12.

Confession (2022)


If you have been away from the church, or if you have been reluctant or unable to see a priest for confession, you are invited to experience the reconciling peace of Christ through the grace of this sacrament, also called the sacrament of reconciliation.

Confession (2022) should work. It has a reasonable director, David Beton (The Hatton Garden Job), and a decent cast: Colm Meaney and Stephen Moyer, among others. But to sit through this laboured and wordy film is almost too much. I confess to this much: I could not finish it.

After some considerable time has elapsed in this real-time dialogue, a third character (Clare-Hope Ashitey) enters, also armed and also wounded. In the crossfire of the now triangulated dynamic, allegations are made and allegiances formed. Who is making the confession, Beton asks us again and again: the priest or the penitent, the victim or the violator?

The sacrament of Penance has always made for a rich cinematic seam; ironic, perhaps, given that it is the least visually impressive. The trick, as Alfred Hitchcock well knew in his tour-de-force I Confess of 1953, is to leverage the infinite imaginative potential and complicity of the confessional seal without doing too much.

A priest, duty-bound to give a hearing to anyone who comes to him, is as vulnerable to the truth as to the base facts of violence. Beton, sadly, fails to capitalise on the confessional seal as a form of moral compromise but also complicity, one that could help with some much-needed illumination of Fr Peter himself.

Texas Standard: In the Lucio case, supporters and documentarians were able to call into question the methods used to interrogate her. But some people might not recognize the issues of why that interrogation was called into question in the first place. Could you say a little bit more about the methods that go into what such a confession looks like? 041b061a72


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