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(Dub) 747 : The Silver Fortress! Luffy And Bart... [PORTABLE]

Bill continued taunting Desire, but Luffy suddenly came in and overwhelmed him with attacks. Some members of the Silver Pirate Alliance arrived, and Bill told them Desire betrayed them and ordered them to attack. However, Luffy knocked out the enemy pirates with Haoshoku Haki before attacking Bill again, and he punched Bill into the underground mine. Tanaka confronted the beaten Bill inside the mine, saying that the Monster of the New World will be disappointed at Bill's failure and likely kill him. In response, Bill started eating large amounts of ore. This caused him to become much larger and spew out molten ore everywhere, and he confronted Luffy, Bartolomeo, and Desire again. The molten ore began overflowing the island and started destroying it, and the Silver Pirate Alliance members rushed to escape. Luffy, Bartolomeo, and Desire struggled to navigate through the molten ore, but Bartolomeo managed to push it all back at Bill with a barrier hand. This coated Bill in silver, and he prepared to kill the trio with a ball of molten ore. However, Luffy broke through the ball and hit Bill with Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum, causing him to fly into his fortress.[5]

(Dub) 747 : The Silver Fortress! Luffy and Bart...

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On Silver Mine, a deserted island near Dressrosa, a group of people bring treasure and a pirate to the giant silver fortress in the center. Inside, Bill sits on a throne, eating pieces of rock and exuding a molten substance as he heads out. Meanwhile, Bartolomeo is forced to mine for ore, with Peseta whipping him if he stops working. Bartolomeo asks him if Luffy is all right, and Peseta affirms this, but says that might not be the case ten minutes from now. Bartolomeo attacks Peseta with his pickax, but Peseta leaves, with Bartolomeo being unable to make a barrier because his hands are stuck to the pickax. Meanwhile, Luffy is in a jail cell, with his entire body below the neck being enveloped in a silver ball, and he futilely attempts to escape somehow. Desire and the Sweet Pirates visit him, revealing that they destroyed the Going Luffy-senpai and that they are the ultimate weapons group thanks to Bill's Gutsu Gutsu no Mi. Luffy shouts that she is lying, which deeply angers Desire, but Luffy stops yelling as he gets weak from hunger. He asks Desire if he can eat the meat that she lured him with, and she refuses, but eventually lets him eat some of her chocolate. She then gets a call, and tells her accomplices that it is time. 041b061a72


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