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State Of Play

McAffrey convinces Foy that he is in danger and can best protect himself by talking on the record. Foy reveals that Baker was being paid $26,000 a month to spy on Collins for PointCorp, but had fallen in love and was pregnant with Collins' baby. She was killed when she refused to continue spying. McAffrey plays the tape of the interview to Collins, who lashes out at McAffrey for not telling him in person about the pregnancy. He accuses McAffrey of caring about his story above their friendship, and storms off. That evening, McAffrey confronts Congressman George Fergus, the chief whip who had mentored Collins and recommended Baker to him. He informs Fergus he plans to run a story about Fergus' link with PointCorp and his undermining of Collins's investigation.

State of Play

State of Play is a 3,000 square foot laboratory for creativity and wonder. Our preferred vehicle for learning and development is open-ended or non-prescriptive play and art exploration. Play allows children to carry out skills such as critical thinking, perseverance, conflict resolution, collaboration, and emotional regulation. Research shows us that play fosters cognitive, physical, and social growth; we have created an environment that has been curated specifically so that opportunities for these developmental benchmarks may occur. So whether you visit State of Play for the geometric play fort, inspiring art studio, sensory bins, block zone, or glow cave (yes, we said glow cave), what you and your children will walk away with is sure to be a smile, a warm feeling of acceptance, and maybe a little paint under your nails!

Youth sports were a personal passion for our founder Ralph Wilson, and remain so for our Trustees. This passion is rooted in the knowledge that sports can not only seed lifelong healthy habits in kids, but also build character, social skills and improve educational outcomes. For better and for worse, youth sports have fundamentally changed in this country. Often, this has led to barriers that result in fewer kids playing sports and staying active.

Looking for top-quality, affordable commercial playground equipment for sale that kids will love? AAA State of Play is the trusted supplier of durable commercial playground equipment for schools, parks, day-care facilities, and churches across the country, with expertise in providing a variety of fun, safe products for kids.

We can handle everything from assisting administrative teams in picking out the right outdoor playsets to offering advice on safe playground surfacing. From planning to installation, we excel at helping our customers to buy the very best kids' playground equipment at prices that public schools and organizations can afford.

In addition to our huge online selection of outdoor playground equipment, we also offer amenities and additions for parks, from picnic tables to bicycle racks. With so many amazing deals on outdoor playsets, freestanding playground equipment, park fixtures, and playground updates, you're sure to find everything your space needs. We even have multiple color options so that you can get school playground equipment that matches your school colors! Our professional team can install the parts and fixtures you need as well, no matter whether you're updating your playground slides or topping off your rubber playground mulch. You'll find everything you need to build your perfect outdoor playground for sale in one place with AAA State of Play!

We're experts in outdoor recreation, and we want to help you encourage physical wellness in your community by promoting outdoor play. Our commercial playground equipment for sale is meant to be used by children outside every day, so we offer the safest and most durable options. The benefits of exercise for children are obvious and cannot be overstated, and we want to help you create playgrounds that will encourage young children and students to get out and play. This can help prevent health problems like obesity, to the benefit of the entire community. We also can be considered a green playground equipment company: Taking the eco-friendly path, we have ensured that recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly raw materials are used for making outdoor benches, playground shade structures, and other park playground equipment. These eco-friendly playground sets for sale help us take care of the environment as we take care of your community's children.

You can expect to spend anywhere between $8,000 and $70,000 when you purchase a new playground, depending on the size of your space and your equipment needs. However, we offer many deals to ensure that you can find the lowest prices possible when you shop with us.

At AAA State of Play, we aim to take care of you both before and after your purchase. Contact one of our team members today and we can help you plan out which park playground equipment would be best for your space. We also offer a turn-key option for clients who do not wish to install outdoor playground equipment themselves: From ground-breaking to safety surfacing and equipment installation, our playground equipment suppliers and construction experts can take care of everything. And we offer quick shipping within the U.S. for many of our in-stock products, so your new kids' outdoor playset can ship to you as soon as possible.

Call our toll-free number for bulk orders, bids, proposals, or any related questions. We'd love to talk to you about a new playground for a school or community; contact us now at 1-877-826-2776.

The best kids' outdoor play equipment is whatever best suits your kids' play area. Maybe your child is a natural climber and you want to make sure your playground has a big climbing wall. Or perhaps more traditional seesaw and swing kits that are easily installed are more your thing. When it comes to selecting which commercial playground equipment manufacturer's product you want to go with, the one aspect that makes it "best" is that it's best for you and the children who will use your play area.

The cost of commercial equipment is going to fluctuate greatly based on the pieces you need and the playground equipment supplier you choose to work with. In general, however, you should try to budget about $1,000 per child. This means the overall cost of completed commercial playground sets could be as low as $8,000 for a small area or more than $50,000 for a large playground.

The cost of a playground set can range from a couple thousand dollars for a toddler outdoor playset to more than $10,000 for more substantial playground structures. When you're shopping for play sets for kids, you'll see that different commercial playground companies and stores have different costs, but at AAA State of Play, we work hard to keep our prices affordable.

Most commercial playsets have at least one slide, swings, spinning merry-go-rounds, and climbers. Browse our selection of outdoor playsets and playground accessories to get a feel for what you want your play area to include.

One of the best materials for a playground surface is rubber, which is usually found as either rubber mulch or a poured-in-place surface. You can also use engineered wood fiber to provide the appropriate cushioning to ensure that the children who use your play area can get some exercise while also staying as safe as possible.

Installation costs for your children's playground equipment can take up about 25% to 45% of your overall budget depending on which method you choose. When you shop with AAA State of Play, you'll have three options for the installation of your new playset: full installation, supervised installation, and customer installation. When you contact us for a quote on our playground equipment, we can also give you an idea of how much installation will cost.

As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to get at least a decade out of a high-quality outdoor play structure before it needs to be replaced. With regular inspections and maintenance, you're likely to get even more life out of our durable playsets.

Industrial-grade kids' play equipment is as close as your keyboard with AAA State of Play! Our vast inventory of playground supplies, replacement parts, services, and solutions makes recess at any school or day-care facility more fun. We even offer outdoor park furniture to keep kids comfortable when they're taking a break from playing. No matter what regulations or design requirements you need your play systems to meet, AAA State of Play can help!

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The art of art-making goes through many unique processes: prompts, inspiration, feedback, collaboration, frustration, improvisation. One constant in this process is play - the notions of experimentation, risk, and curiosity.

The EuroQol Group first met in 1987 to test the feasibility of jointly developing a standardised non-disease-specific instrument for describing and valuing health-related quality of life. From the outset the Group has been multi-country, multi-centre, and multi-disciplinary. The EuroQol instrument is intended to complement other forms of quality of life measures, and it has been purposefully developed to generate a cardinal index of health, thus giving it considerable potential for use in economic evaluation. Considerable effort has been invested by the Group in the development and valuation aspects of health status measurement. Earlier work was reported upon in 1990; this paper is a second 'corporate' effort detailing subsequent developments. The concepts underlying the EuroQol framework are explored with particular reference to the generic nature of the instrument. The valuation task is reviewed and some evidence on the methodological requirements for measurement is presented. A number of special issues of considerable interest and concern to the Group are discussed: the modelling of data, the duration of health states and the problems surrounding the state 'dead'. An outline of some of the applications of the EuroQol instrument is presented and a brief commentary on the Group's ongoing programme of work concludes the paper. 041b061a72


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