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Sweet Cindy And Jenny Model Fever Girl

This plot point harkens back to a sweeter, John Hughesera teen comedy (with a few switches flipped) wherein the search for a simple sex act was enough motivation for a number of scenes, if not an entire film. Norahs lack of fulfillment isnt what moves the action here; instead, were on a search for her best friend and an oh-so-cool bands secret show, with Nicks (Michael Cera) hapless band, in his hapless car (a Yugo), through downtown New York Citys music scene. Its a good-time flick, with cheerful performances and the kind of supporting cast that make 90 minutes seem like a brisk 30. One of these is from Alexis Dziena, who plays Nicks very recent ex-girlfriend: She toyed with him and never appreciated the music mixes he made for her (spoiler: Norah loves them). Her sexy dance, in the glaring light of Nicks high beams, to Hot Chocolates You Sexy Thing is one of the great falls from grace, and worth the price of admission.

Sweet Cindy And Jenny Model Fever Girl

As fans can expect, this is the best film of this type that I have seen since Picture Bride. Although the movie gave the trio a Grammy for Best Vocal Performance by an Act, which was a nod to the quality of their performance, the main reason to watch this film is to see Cindy and Jenny perform as their older selves.

Cindy and Jenny were born in Mississippi and raised in Los Angeles. They formed a jazz trio with their mother and sister at the age of three. The sisters are remembered for their songs I Couldnt Love You More and Ooo, Baby Baby. Their mother was a S&G songwriter.

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