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Welcome to! Your one stop bar shop that offers the best selection in bartender gear, restaurant supplies, and bar accessories at the cheapest prices online. offers wholesale pricing to large restaurant chains and small bars alike. LLC boosts incredibly low prices on all bar products. We strive to bring you the latest and greatest products while making your online shopping experience pleasant and easy.


A bar means drinks and beverages: liquor, wine, beer, cocktails, and mocktails. But a bar wouldn't be complete without the humble bottle opener, the condiment dispenser, the cutlery, and other small, simple, but important tools of the bar trade. Bar and restaurant smallwares are the little equipment and supplies that you need to create a perfect bar setup.

You need equipment that will last a long time, so it usually pays to buy new, high-quality equipment. While used bar equipment may save money at the time of purchase, it will likely wear down and need to be replaced sooner than brand-new bar supplies. You can find discount supplies at any restaurant supply retailer or order them from various specialized online retailers.

Looking to buy bar glassware and other products in bulk for your bar? Want to buy blank drinkware or bottle openers for re-selling with your own imprinted graphics? has the BEST pricing for your needs! BULK (a sister company of is the manufacturer and producer of high quality yet affordable bar products and supplies, including shot glasses, tiki mugs, beer and ale glassware, bottle openers, liquor pourers and pour spouts, shakers, jiggers, mixing glasses, muddlers, and much more. Not only are our prices the best around, but large BULK orders will receive FREE shipping.

Choosing the correct restaurant bar supplies and equipment will help you reduce downtime, increase service, and provide the reliability that is so essential to your success. We offer top quality restaurant bar supplies and equipment that are also cost effective to work within your budget constraints. Whether you need a liquor pourer or a back bar cooler, we understand your needs behind the bar and strive to provide you with the best product for your application.

Make drinks quickly and efficiently with our selection of professional bartending supplies. From stainless steel cocktail shakers to multi-functional bar spoons, we have the bar supplies you need to upgrade your beverage service.

Ensure your bar is upholding safety and sanitary standards with our bar cleaning supplies and safety equipment. From the best non-slip floor mats to easy-to-store slim trash cans, we have the products you need behind the bar.

From decorative cocktail picks to knotted bamboo skewers, we have the bar supplies you need to create exciting garnishes and add the perfect finishing touches to your mojitos, margaritas, and other cocktails. You can also upgrade your cocktail presentation by serving your drinks with our luxurious beverage napkins and unique paper straws.

Serve more customers and prepare your drinks more quickly with our quick pour storage containers, condiment caddies, and other commercial-use bar equipment. Browse our bar storage and bartending supplies to find the perfect products to streamline the service at your bar, lounge, nightclub, restaurant, or other foodservice establishment.

This Mother's Day, acknowledge your mom's efforts by gifting her some kitchen, dining, and bar supplies. eBay has a wide range of these supplies that you can check out. Choose from many kitchen tools like spatulas, spoons, whisks, sieves, and more. You can use eBay's easy-to-navigate kitchen categories and filters for colors, brands, and sizes. If your mother's into baking, eBay has plenty of kitchen items for you to browse through. From cake pans and baking trays to pie, flan, and tart tins, you can take your pick from the variety of options listed on eBay. You can also check out new, used, and open-box options to select a few that you think your mom will like.

Los Angeles Bar Supplies, Inc. provides prompt, courteous service to the hospitality community in and around Los Angeles, CA. We can provide your company with a broad array of bar, hotel, nightclub, and restaurant supplies. We are a forward-thinking organization with over 30 years of experience delivering the most innovative solutions for our customers. We promise that our products will bring value to your business, adding to overall customer satisfaction and enhancing your brand image. Call our friendly customer service team today for more information about how Los Angeles Bar Supplies, Inc. can help elevate your company with our premium service.

Running a bar means you're constantly on the go. Most likely, you rarely have time to sit down and consider your needs until they've already caused consequences. Add to that the unorthodox hours of operation that bars have, and you can see how difficult it can be to get bar supplies in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Another challenge of buying bar supplies is the timing. Because bars are open late into the night, the first time you notice something might be running low is likely to be at a time when placing an order isn't the most convenient. Even if you order your supplies through another online store, chances are that late night orders will take a whole extra day to fulfill.

At Amazon Business, we understand what you have to deal with as a bar owner, and we've developed a one-stop-shop that is sure to help you overcome all the most troublesome elements of owning or running a bar that is in need of supplies.

One of the main advantages that Amazon Business provides is the convenience of working with a single supplier. Running a bar takes a lot of different bar supplies, and it can often be frustrating trying to find everything you need under one roof. This can force you to take multiple trips or place several different online orders, which can lead to paying expensive shipping costs multiple times.

We collect all the merchants and manufacturers of the bar supplies you need directly under one site. Now you don't have to run around looking for the store or supplier that carries exactly what you need. Instead, you can rest assured that Amazon Business has all of the bar supplies you need, and that you can place them all in one order to cut down on shipping costs for your business.

When you run a bar, most of your needs are immediate. Things like additional beverages, bar napkins and cleaning supplies can't wait for slow shipping. And this can make things even more complex if you manage multiple bars in different locations.

Instead of getting stuck waiting on a delayed shipment so that you can get your workday going, you can rely on the flexible and fast shipping options that Amazon Business provides. For instance, if you have several different bars that are in need of supplies, you can order all of your supplies at once and then direct the items to ship to the locations of your choosing.

But even if you only manage a single bar, our shipping options are sure to be a boon to your business. You can enjoy overnight shipping for the times when you need bar supplies right away, or take things a bit slower with our low-cost, but still fast, two-day shipping. 041b061a72


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