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READ: This is coming from someone who bypassed the web filter, printed from school printers on a personal laptop by finding the IP address, got past a local IP internet block multiple times and was left alone by admin and IT after a few years. The enterprise lock (and device policies) is stored on the cloud and tied to the device's serial number. Without access to the administration panel, there is no way to remove the admin tie without a new motherboard! You might as well replace the Chromebook since motherboards vs. whole units end up being similar if the admin will not remove the enterprise tie.I know this is going to come up, so I'm addressing it: The screw trick DOES NOT WORK ON ANYTHING NEWER THEN THE "CR-48 SERIES", WHICH ARE ALL DECOMMISSIONED DUE TO THE FACT THEY NO LONGER GET UPDATES AFTER 5+ YEARS! UNLESS THE SCHOOL CANNOT AFFORD NEW CHROMEBOOKS (literally impossible since they get state funding and block XXX sites anyone who went through puberty knows about), they replaced them with PATCHED UNITS.

even if you were a god hacker person you would trip the IT department of youre school since it will show that youre s/n(Serial number) thats different on every chromebook as offline if youre tech savvy you can change the chromebooks motherboard which the serial number is stored in you can in theory turn the chromebook normal but the school will probably try track the chromebook down in order to force you to pay for it or to take it back, so probably not a good idea to try this.


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