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Titanic 3d Movie Watch Online In Hindi Fix

Winslet's kids not interested in 3D Titanic Read story The Titanic 3D stereoscopic version was created under the guidance of the original film's director, James Cameron. He said in October 2011 that the 1997 Titanic would also be re-released in digital 2D and in 2D IMAX versions struck from the new 4K master created in the process.In 2009, Cameron released the 3D film Avatar, which had been purposely designed for 3D viewing. Titanic in 3D was generated by re-mastering the original film as 4K resolution and post-converting to 3D (3-dimensional) stereoscopic format. The Titanic 3D version took 60 weeks and $18 million to produce, including the 4K restoration.Although fans are excited to watch the the movie, theatre owners and distributors doubt if it will able to pull in the crowds.Amit Shah, programming head of DT cinemas, says the fact that the movie is releasing just a day before Akshay Kumar-starrer "Housefull 2" hits the screens, might affect the footfall.The original "Titanic", released in 1997, won 11 Oscars, grossed $1.843-billion worldwide. It made around Rs.500 million (nearly $1 million) in India alone.Interestingly, audiences have another reason to look forward to the film as the censor board has refrained from using its scissors on the sensational scene in which actor Leonardo DiCaprio sketches a nude Kate Winslet.The movie, which narrates the love story between socialite Rose Bukater and commoner Jack Dawson on board the Titanic, has been passed without any cuts and has received a clear U/A censor rating by the censors in India.The 3D version will also prove to be a treat for all those who missed "Titanic" on the big screen 15 years back.The 3D version of Titanic premiered in London, England, on March 27, 2012. In attendance were the director, James Cameron, and the lead actress, Kate Winslet, at the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington, West London.- With inputs from IANS

titanic 3d movie watch online in hindi



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