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1tool Manual

One eco-focused solution from Percepto uses autonomous drone inspection to check for gas emissions and leaks near equipment. Using advanced optical gas imaging (OGI) payloads, self-piloted drones can accurately inspect equipment at oil and gas sites, to detect pollution or leaks in a way that is far safer and more accurate than manual inspections.

1tool manual

Globally, organizations face preventive maintenance challenges ranging from limited workforce availability, high inspection costs, to manual inspection safety concerns. And as a result, inspections are often performed infrequently, or even reactively.

As an added bonus, with fully unmanned inspections, employees are no longer exposed to risky inspections. During day-to-day operations, manual inspections may entail climbing icy towers, going up on scaffolding, or being exposed to harmful chemicals or emissions. And during an emergency, the ability to gain situational awareness before sending in repair crews is critical for employee safety.

Once the site is built, the autonomous drones can optimize the maintenance of solar and wind farms. Fitted with a thermal imaging camera as payload, these drones regularly fly over the farm sites to identify any problems with solar panels or turbines by conducting visual analytics based on infrared radiation patterns. Everything is done remotely with the push of a button, eliminating the time and effort required to have engineers manually inspect the area. 350c69d7ab


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