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Murad Yakushev
Murad Yakushev

The Pick-up Artist(1987)

james toback is such a piece of garbage it actually makes me so angry. rdj's character in this is quite literally a self insert (toback himself was a "pick-up artist"/sexual harassment perpetrator who has hundreds of harassment or assault allegation against him), plus the movies of his that i've seen are sexist and completely bland despite the fact that toback worked with two of my favorite cinematographers, gordon willis and michael chapman. like, you don't deserve them !! you don't even deserve to be directing actors that i like (rdj aside, i don't claim him and he wasn't even charming in this) !! i'm so mad !!

The Pick-up Artist(1987)

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Hip-hop Part Two used movement--breakdancing--as its means of self-expression. Another public art form, like tagging, breakdancing could be performed out in the open, by boundary-crossing soloists encircled by pick-up crowds, to the portable music of the boom box. There was a documentary film about breakdancing, called Wild Style, but as with the graffiti, breakdancing was spontaneous art performed outdoors, free of charge, so it too was by definition noncommercial. 041b061a72


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