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Bulat Shcherbakov
Bulat Shcherbakov

The Snitch Cartel(2011)

Two friends enter the illegal drugs business, one of them is a lower class boy, Martin, alias Strawberry, a smart and skilled young man seeking to earn money to gain the attention of his childhood love, Sophia.His new boss, Óscar Cadena, makes a plan to take down the powerful Medellin Cartel, that is headed by the infamous don Pablo Escobar, while Martin moves up fast in the syndicate, becoming a vital part of the growing North Valley Cartel, he begins a turbulent life in the midst of a cartel war which he is uncanny to take part in, forcing him to move to Mexico looking for allies while struggles between the money and power that he now owns, and becoming a sapo (snitch) for the DEA, to protect his beloved Sofia.[5][6]

The Snitch Cartel(2011)



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