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Behavioral Assessment

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At William C. Rawe Consulting Group we are trained in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

The field of I-O Psychology is primarily concerned with understanding and predicting human behavior in work organizations.

Assessments are used as diagnostic tools to determine the need for and/or the most appropriate intervention for people-centered challenges.

Assessments can focus on individuals, groups, or the organization as a whole.

Assessments can be instrumental in matching the right person to the right job.

Some types of assessments that can be used are:

  • Intelligence Inventory.

  • Personality Assessment.

  • Cognitive Ability Tests.

  • Biographical Data.

  • Integrity Tests.

  • Job Knowledge Tests.

  • Interviews.

  • Work Samples and Simulations.

Contact us today to find out how behavioral assessments will benefit your organization.

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